During this weekend program at Dalhousie University, Khandro Rinpoche will teach on how we can use our innate wisdom mind to face challenges in our lives and bring benefit to others. Her talks will be based on the Lojong or Mind Training practices initially brought to Tibet from India by the great meditation master Atisha. This is a unique opportunity to study powerful teachings well suited to these challenging times.
Jetsu╠łn Khandro Rinpoche is known for her clarity and penetrating humor and teaches in perfect English. She presents ancient teachings in a contemporary voice with vibrant energy. Rinpoche is a renowned Tibetan Buddhist teacher and also one of the outstanding meditation teachers of our time. More information on Khandro Rinpoche, her lineage and activities can be found at https://www.khandrorinpoche.org.

Augist 3&4 2019, 9-12 & 2-5, McInnis Room @ Dal

Tickets from: Ticket Halifax
Advance purchase for both days until July 15th $100
after July 15th $120
One day tickets available for $65 All prices plus applicable
ticketing fee. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Organized by
Karma Changchub Ling
5 Laura Court, Fall River, NS
[email protected]